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ADM Stories

Learn more about ADM's efforts in innovation and sustainability, and our impact in communities around the globe.

Unlocking ADM’s Identity

For more than 117 years, ADM has been known as a leader in agricultural origination, transportation and processing. Throughout our history, we’ve taken strategic actions to grow and evolve to better serve our customers. In recent years, as we’ve implemented our strategy, we have made a number of acquisitions, divestitures and investments adding new ingredients and capabilities for our customers in existing and new markets, geographies and channels.

The evolution of our business marks an opportunity to evolve ADM’s purpose and identity to match the role we play in an ever-important industry. Read more.

ADM’s Global Flexitarian Summit: The Forefront of Alt-Protein Creation

The aroma greets you first. Then, you see it: a buffet table featuring a mouthwatering spread of meatless foods. There are vegan versions of tuna and chicken salads and Manhattan-style chowder, to name a few. These delectable dishes represent the forefront of alternative protein creation, the results of a meeting of the minds known as ADM’s Global Flexitarian Summit, where a dozen of ADM’s top plant-based protein experts from around the world have gathered together for a week. And those results are delicious. Read more.

Emerging Research in Worms is Early Indicator of Bio-Kult Bacteria Strain's Potential Impact on Parkinson's

Building on previous research linking brain function to gut bacteria, this study in a roundworm experimental model found a specific bacterial strain — called Bacillus subtilis PXN 21 — could slow, and even reverse, the build-up of a certain protein associated with its ability to interfere with normal cognitive function. These new findings could pave the way for future studies that gauge how supplements, such as live bacteria, impact Parkinson’s disease. Read more.

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